Take 5 !


       Hey there !  I am so incredibly in love with the power of breathe.  I say this because it’s so true, think about it, taking deep breathes allows us to deal with all kinds of moments in our lives.  We take a deep breathe before we embark on anything, a job interview, applying for a loan, to gather ourselves before we speak, we breathe in order to face things head on.  Our Breathe is powerful and can be used for big things and small.. Let’s make a habit of connecting with our breathe, not just before we do something, but because it allows us to connect with our spirit. Really, when we take deep breathes, we connect with that part of us that gives peace and reassurance, it lightens us and we are able to release negative emotions and get a clearer mind.  So, here’s what I have been doing and it’s working, mindfully breathing has allowed me to tune into my body and be more peaceful on a continual basis. And get’s what !  This is a form of meditation. Now, our body gives us the go signal  when we need more oxygen so we will naturally take deeper breathes, but most of us are living through shallow breathes.. Practicing deep breathing in shorter periods of time is most beneficial for our health and well being. Likewise, this provides relaxation, which leads to a balance life. Remember, when we do things that feel good and are good for us, we are practicing self-love.  Deep breathing is a wonderful form of self-care.  And we know if we are feeling good, and exuding positive vibes, we attract goodness to us !

When ya feel the tension in your body, Take 5 !

When ya face difficulty , Take 5    !

When ya ready to go off on your co-worker, Take 5 !

When ya kids getting on your nerve, Take 5 !

When ya ready to make big and small decisions, pause and Take 5 !

When you just need a ‘lil peace, Take 5 !

It works…

Here are some benefits of deep breathing:

1. Listening to your breathe is in fact a form of meditation.

2  Taking just 5 breathes, saves on time, most of us are super busy and may not be able to have drawn out meditation sessions, but we can Take 5 breathes anytime.

3. Practicing taking only 5 Breathes increases your  mindfulness and awareness this allows you to channel your inner peace.

4. We live in a chaotic world, full of distractions so taking just 5 breathes, slows us down a bit, so that we can re-focus and remind us that we are human.

5.  You can do this at anytime and anywhere !

So, I charge you, just take 5 breathes, that’s it, just 5, I know you can do it, make them deep !

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