Fun Mirror Building

So funny, today my husband caught me doing some mirror work, I was singing a love rhyme to myself and dancing as I was brushing my teeth and he caught me red handed.. it was so funny ! All we could both do is LOL !!! Loving me and being Silly is Fun !! We created a magical moment !!! 

Oh, what is mirror work you say ?

Well, mirror work or Mirror Building as I affectionately say, because taking care of ourselves is not work !! It’s building up !

Anywho, Mirror Building is when you look yourself in the mirror, gaze deeply in your eyes and say lovely, motivating affirmations or mantras.

For example, you can say

(Your Name)  I love you.

I am Beautiful

I am Lovely

I am Wonderfully created.

I am……

Get it ?

This is a lovely way to train your brain into believing you are what you say you are !!!

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,”  James Allen

But I say  As a LADY thinketh in her heart so SHE is !

We are what we believe, so mirror work is a wonderful technique to reprogram your mind in self-love.

Make it a habit, every time you look at yourself in the mirror, and why not your looking all the time anyway, so instead of looking at your flaws, and beating yourself up Divines, reinforce what’s already there !

Beauty inside and out !!

See, this is the thing, when we do what makes us feel good, we will continue… we are wired that way..

If something hurts why don’t mess with it !


If it feels good, oh baby, give us more and more lol  Mirror work doesn’t have to be so serious.

Think this way as you practice your self-love techniques.

So, I challenge you to make up a silly song and dance, that you can do in the mirror, do it anytime, if your at your workplace, and a restaurant or anywhere, you can still look into the mirror and sing your silly love song !!! Do it in your heart, but if your really Bold you will do it out loud !!!  You never know, who will catch you in action, and both of you can create magic ! 🙂

Now go sprinkle some love on yourself !

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