Dealing with Fear

Fear makes us feel our humanity ~Benjamin Disraeli

These days, I have been experience fear more regularly, I realize that I am stepping into some unknown territory, and it’s okay.  We must learn to give ourselves permission to experience the feeling we have labeled as fear. It is a reminder that we are human and that we need love, support and care. It’s okay to feel this humbling feeling, because ultimately it will lead to greatness.. When we reach and stretch for those things that are causing us fear, we tap into our Divinity through acknowledgment, humility and faith.  I have come to place where I understand that, when feelings and thoughts of fear comes to me, I must accept and respect these moments.  It is best to give ourselves permission and space to feel it and breathe through it.  Simply Pause for a moment and let it flow, don’t constrict and restrict it.  Fear is a reminder, we are human-Beings, we are vulnerable and it’s okay.  We live in a society where vulnerability is a weakness. I say it’s our biggest strength. It gives way to humility and a need to reach out to one another. Ultimately, fear comes to protect us. I find that fear comes to me when I am thinking about ways to create another reality for myself.  I understand that I must in all things, even when fear is present, sprinkle some love dust on the situation and it will flow naturally.

Here is a way to deal with fear when you feel it gripping you:

1. Pause and Acknowledge it, through your thoughts, feelings, and body.  Name it for what it is.

2.  Give yourself Permission to feel what your feeling. Simply say, ” I know that I am feeling fear right now and it’s okay.”

3. Remind yourself that you are human and this is normal.

4. Remind yourself that all though you are feeling fear, you are loved and you are safe.

Here’s a Mantra:  Love flows through me.. Love flows around me

P.S.   Give yourself permission today, despite what we have been taught, trust yourself.  It’s okay for you and me…

P.P.S.  No matter what we are going through, Love is ever present.