There comes moments in our dream walk that we face obstacles, many times this gives way to feelings of doubt.  There will be times where we doubt ourselves, our team, and dare I say,  our Source.  We wonder if the universe is really here supporting us. We wonder if things are really going to work out; we grow weary in optimism; frustrated in acts. I want you to know that it’s okay.  Here are some tips that you can do when you are feeling doubtful, overwhelmed and uncertain while facing obstacles in your journey.

1. RELAX AND DISTRACT: I understand, remaining positively certain in building your dreams requires dedication and mind power, and action. Sometimes we just need to take a moment — relax and distract.  Many times doubt comes when we feel overwhelmed; especially, when it appears that we have hit a wall.  Take a chill pill, seriously you don’t have to be “on” all the time.  Learn to self soothe, take some deep breathes, read something funny. RELAX ! Next, DISTRACT- Believe it or not when engage in something else; the solution you need will float right on up. There is magic in healthy distraction.  I don’t know how many times, I felt overwhelmed in my process, and ideas come to me when I was nursing my baby, washing the dishes or taking a shower !!! Our brains work magically.

2. RELAX AND RECALL: Relax, in the best way you know how, I find that deep breathing is best, even gazing out of a widow helps clear my mind. Then, take a trip down memory lane, sometimes when we feel an overwhelming amount of doubt in our lives is because we are anxious about our future. Most people what tell you to live in the here and now. I believe that, living in the here in now, requires effort and when we are feeling overwhelmed and anxiously doubtful, we are not thinking about ‘being in the moment’. We need a solution to ease the pain.  So, I’m suggesting that you recall a time in your life where, you overcame. Call on one of your success and think about the ups and downs in that process. Think about how you came through it with grace.  This situation is no different ! You will accomplish this next step in your dream building.  Just relax and recall. Take some deep breathes and allow yourself to go back.  You will be surprised.  Now, I dare you to grab your handy dandy journal, pen and write it out.  You might even find some golden nuggets in there. Some solutions that you used in the past, that can be applied in your current situation.

3. RELAX AND RELEASE:  Okay some times we should take feelings of doubt as a warning. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Maybe you just have to release.  Ask yourself, is this matter at hand necessary for your success? If you stop at this moment will the world end ? Is it best that you stop and go back to the drawing board? You know the answer.  Sometimes we take on things that are unnecessary, sometimes we just don’t know how to let go and sometimes what we thought was best in the moment wasn’t and that’s okay. We are human. We are learning as we go.  Give yourself permission to release.  That’s it. Relax  and Release. It’s okay. You have all right to do so !  No one has a right to judge how you go through your process.

Now, there you have it, these are my 3 tips for dealing with feelings of doubt and frustration and handling obstacles while walking in your dreams.

“It still holds true that man is most uniquely human when he turns obstacles into opportunities.” –Eric Hoffer


Love Note #6

Hey there Sweetness !

I just wanted to slow down and tell you how much I adore you ! You are the bomb.com baby!  You are amazing! You are Divine and full of Pure Love and Light ! Keep shining my Love, be the beacon for those around you.  You are destined for greatness, the  same Power that’s in Heaven, is right there in you. Give yourself permission  to tap into your power, and let it overcome you with love and sweet water. You an amazing force. Your are loved. Walk in your Dreams. Manifest your world with your speech and actions, and you will have that which your heart desire. Hold on my love, Hold on.

Divinely Yours,

Antranette ❤



Love Note #5

Hey Love,

Get this in your Spirit:


When the times, comes and you feel like you should push harder, stand in peace and know that


Divinely Yours,

Antranette ❤

Is Self-Worth Key to Manifesting Your Vision?

I’ve come to understand Manifestation as such, it doesn’t matter how many vision boards, or list’s or prayers, chants, mantra’s, affirmations, potions and lotions, and good vibrations that we adhere to.  None of those wonderful tools matter, if we don’t have self-worth.  That’s it for me right now at 4:15 a.m.  I believe in my soul, without a shadow of a doubt, self-worth is most certainly key in unlocking our fullest potential and belief in Self. Belief that we Can Call on those things that we dream of. That indeed they will come to pass with every intentional step we take.  Just know this, when you put your energy towards something, it opens up more energy, it gives more faith, more power and before you know it, you’ll have that thing you’ve been dreaming of.


It start’s with the notion that you can possible have what you want, it starts with the belief that, yea I think I deserve this.Now, imagine that, you can really have it. You actually deserve it ! It doesn’t matter how big or small. This process can be easy and graceful; not because an outside energy, deity or system told you so.


because you actually took a chance to look within, to examine your self and say, by God I am good enough to have this thing !!!

So, I say this in love, in truth and in the Power of the Divine.


Keep looking within, even if it feels like your  taking sneak peaks, that’s where you will find your worth and ultimately your self-love.

This pretty much sums up my love, joy and passion ❤

There is nothing so rewarding as to make people realize that they are worthwhile in this world.
Bob Anderson

Love Note #4

Hey Love,

I am so incredibly proud of you ! You faced your fears and stepped out there ! It’s the small things that causes Big things to happen in your life ! Don’t you feel wonderful ?  Now, when it comes time to face something Huge, you will be ready because you are overcoming small things in your daily life.  It all counts ! I’m so proud of you for sticking to your intention at the time that you really didn’t feel like it. I am so proud of you for moving past fear and staying the course. You are amazing ! You are walking in your Dreams ! You are Manifesting your Vision because you believe in You ! You are faithful to take those small but Might Leaps !  Go You ! Now, keep going forward and beyond to your greater Self !

Divinely Yours,

Antranette ❤

Love Note #3

Hey Love,

I know that you may feel all over the place at this moment, and that you are going through a lot of changes. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t juggle all of life’s responsibilities. It’s okay, you are only one person. You don’t have to be She-Ra.  You don’t have to carry everything on your own. Now, is the time to reach out to your supports. It’s okay, to ask for help.  We are not put on this earth to go it alone.  Love yourself today by calling on your supports. Love on yourself today by taking time to those who reach out to you. It may appear that they are being needy, but it may just be what you need— Connection.  When human-beings gather, there is energy, go in love and you will receive love. Create magic where you go and it will return back to you, especially when you need it most.

Divinely Yours,



What Defines You?

So, it’s about 4:30 a.m. and I just finished nursing my baby girl and the conversation I had early with a lovely woman came to my heart.  She was a stranger that reached out to me online. Through a very popular social media website. So, as she proceeded in the name of networking, she needed to establish some common ground.  So she said, “So your a Social Worker right ?” and I replied “Yes”, but my dream is to establish a women-to-women mentoring and coaching organization. I realized something magical had happened, when I was asked, basically who are you ?

And I answered in terms of my future self, this is my mission, my dream, what I am living and breathing in spirit every day until the time of earthy manifestation. The “official” establishment.  I realized that this is both amazing, because it is important to dream out loud. To talk about your vision to everyone you meet, it’s exciting and it gives other’s permission to dream Big with you. And it allows other’s to offer assistance in manifesting your vision. Awe-some-ness !

So as I write this, I realized that I in my right as Spirit and in my Humanness; I offer Spiritual-Lead Support through Divine Love.

I don’t have to establish an “official” organization to share my gifts, and neither do you. We can share our gifts freely, we are here and they are with us Now. We don’t have to hold back until we “launch” or until we get the “keys” to the front door of our organizations, business or what every physical place we dare dream of.

They are here ready and available for us and others here right now.

Our gifts are for the Now and the Later !

Let us not set an unnecessary block because we feel we will be more qualified, or official if we had x, y and z.

I recall a scripture that says “your gifts will make room for you” and “all of those things will be added to you”

Well, how will things (that which we desire) be added to us for we are holding back on our gifts, for some grand sign, opening, or acknowledgment from the outside.

Let us move in our raw gifts. Let us Be who we are through Divine Love.

This is who I am. I am Spirit.

So, the mere fact that I identified myself as an occupation, really alarms me; it takes away from the Now and reinforce the “Doer”. It reminds me that in many ways, I am still going with the compartmentalization that ails our society.  We separate everything !!!  We give labels to everything. When in fact, everything is one in the universe . We are made up, of all the wonderful things that we see in nature, stars, planets, cosmos, tees and leaves. And when we get an idea, oh honey it’s like a star just burst in the atmosphere !

So I say today, no I am not a social worker, speaker, writer, facilitator, mother, wife, sister, aunt, friend, cousin and the list goes on and on,  for you and I.

I am Spirit.

That’s it.

Everything else is what I do, through Divine Love.

If you are reading this, it’s because you are suppose to, I challenge you to see yourself in a new way, don’t identify yourself, based on what you “do”, identify yourself with who you Be.

Don’t hold off on using your gifts, the world needs them.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.



How To Release Your Weight

I arrived at this mind space today, that taking care of my body, eating healthy, moving my body, requires love, not discipline, not a program, non of those things matters if my underlying intention is not set in love. So many times I lost weight out of self-hate, more recently I lost weight in order to conceive our baby girl, that was my driving factor, now that she is here, I looked for a reason, I said okay for my family, okay for my health, okay so I can feel sexy again. Okay so my outside can match my inside. But the truth was this.

It’s because I finally Love Myself Enough.

That’s it.

It doesn’t need to be anymore than that.

I chose to practice self- love.

Through making food choices that make my body feel loved and hmmm, through moving my body in a way that feels good and by practicing self-care rituals, because I choose to send loving energy to my body. Nothing else really makes sense to me. It’s all in Love. So every moment, of the day, I have a choice, We have a choice to choose Love.

What is weighing you down ?

Release it, through Self-Love.


The One Thing You Must Do !

You must do the things you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt

What is it that you desire ? What is your true passion ?  What is the thing you think you can’t do ?

Don’t you know, you are the only person who can ! The World Needs You !

You can do it !!!

Whatever that thing is that’s eating at you, that’s nudging you day in and day out.  That’s it, that’s the thing that you MUST do. Les Brown says, that there are so many dreams in the grave yard, don’t let yours die with you !

Go ahead and do that thing that you are afraid to do.

Go ahead and jump out there !

Trust Yourself.

The Call is Real.

When things get a bit hairy, put your head down and push through it !!

There is so much more available to you !

Now, go be fearless and take Mrs. Roosevelt’s Advise.